The school will offer the students the much needed out-of class education that is pertinent to wholesome growth. Various clubs; social, academics and spiritual clubs and societies would exist.

Music would be an integral part of the school program; each student would be encouraged to learn how to play perfectly at least one musical instrument before he graduates from the school. Standard sports facilities including educative indoor games would be provided and adequate time allotted for practices. Internal and external competitions would be encouraged.

Unequivocally, we set the pace when it comes to the building and instilling the spirit of self-reliance and entrepreneurship in our students. With well-structured entrepreneurship programmes, our students are purposefully engaged in specialized training in their own choice of skill acquisition programmes;

1. Cooking and Baking
2. Photography
3. Video Editing
4. Hair Styling & Making
5. Musical Instruments training
6. Cobbling
7. Make-up and
8. Gele tying

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