Junior School


Junior School

Kingston College is a Sunshine school where everyone is valued and included. Shaping and inspiring children for the future has always been a critical part of the Kingston College vision, and our curriculum brings it to life. We are here to care for, educate and encourage your child to do more and be more always.

Our children are secured right from the start of life as we run the full Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. No child is left behind at KCI as all the learning goals in the seven (7) areas of the children’s development matters are carefully monitored by qualified early years practitioners.

We offer a conducive environment for our students to relax, eat, do homework, extracurricular activities like music and movement, painting, and swimming. We provide critical pathways into key stage 1 that will best suit the needs and skills of each child.

Inclusion is an integral part of the school. Learning is differentiated to ensure all the children are achieving. Children with special education needs are well provided for with an individual education plan to guarantee progression.

At the junior school, we run a broad and balanced curriculum that caters for all students. To bridge the gap in the Nigerian Curriculum, there is an infusion of the British curriculum. We follow the English National Curriculum for literacy, numeracy and science. We apply 21st Century researches and intervention methods through visual, auditory and kinesthetic experiences in everyday life, which help to enhance students’ strengths and building blocks that will afford them a functional and independent life.

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